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Is Today The Day You Will Look Back On As

The Day Your Book Became A Bestseller?

— even if you didn’t write it yet

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The World’s First

Book Marketing Course For Authors…

…that has videos, audios,interactive workbooks, slides, transcripts, pdf’s, templates, notes, checklists, quizzes, points, achievement badges, sharing, certification, interactive real-person instructors, AND  follow-up program for success, designed…

…To Give Graduates All Their Money Back*

to carry as credit towards a done-for-you service when finished. T&C’s apply.


This course was written BY successful authors who understand what it takes to be effective in marketing, FOR authors who wanted to follow a proven blueprint, and want to do it with integrity and alignment to be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do.


Who Is Mark Donnan?


Mark Donnan FamilyA Private Message from Mark

I didn’t realize it until I met Christine Kloser, but for most of my life, I have had profound needs for connection, belonging, and an obsessive drive to avoid injustice. The Mark Donnan writing this note, is not the successful owner of 3 businesses, international speaker, or corporate suit. Nor am I yet the teacher, guide or coach who will work with you, should this Course be a fit for you intuitively, and reflectively. I might be all those things, but This Mark Donnan, I keep for private occasions and close relationships – for he is vulnerable and scared to let people down. I don’t mean to intimidate, but I’m a big loud man and I sometimes do.

You see, I grew up as part of a large family, with no father, during the war in Ireland. Broken by men in masks with bombs and bullets. Dry mouths, heavy hearts and wet eyes were normal. Read More

My Dad was lost in the first few years of that 30 year war (as an English soldier) and to this day I have no meaningful memory of him. I was raised in my grandparent’s home, treated as the eighth of their own children – which felt natural since one Aunt was only 3 years older than I was, and more like a Sister. I grew up wary, detached, untrusting – because you never knew who was friend or foe. I saw things I can never unsee, and carry scars that are faded, but never go away. I’m telling you this because it directly contributed to this very Course you are contemplating.

Back then, I was streetwise, and inquisitive, and as it turned out – really smart. I could read faces, twitches, eyes, mouths -I had to, and I could read a room, smell trouble, and stay ahead of danger. And when I left Ireland as a young man, I never looked back – rose through the corporate ranks – my skills made that really easy to do – I could read a room and stay ahead of boardroom politics. And I was able to live life on my own terms because I had obsessed about keeping the power of choice. I was once trapped in a world of never having a free choice – and I’ll never go back to that feeling as long as I live. I don’t have a rags to riches story to tell you. I didn’t miraculously trip over a laptop on a beach to make millions. I did it the boring way – education and applying what I learned in all I did.

Fast forward to my WHY – My why is my family. I’m learning every day more and more what it is to be a father. I have 4 children and no blueprint to follow. I make mistakes every day, mixed with a joy and a fulfilment I can’t properly express. I watch a tide of confused entrepreneurs struggle every day because they don’t know what to do, or have a blueprint to follow. It’s harder for them than me because children forgive and love unconditionally, (at least mine are still of an age where that is my reality) – but markets are harsh, customers are fickle, competitors are ruthless and marketing is a war – albeit one of minds. Authors have it even tougher than entrepreneurs – because they lose bigger things than money when they fail. And I know I can prevent that.

This world is not the place people like you want it to be, not the place people like you are called to make it. Never before has it resembled so much the streets of Belfast I grew up in. The need for Enlightened Messengers is a pull I cannot ignore – yet I know I am not one of them.

I think you might be though – and if you think you are as well – if you have a message to fill this void we live in, to lift spirits and change lives – know this. I am here to get your message where it needs to go. I’m driven by a need for connection, I’m concerned to let people down, you down – but that drives me to make sure you get your message out. – My gift is knowing and I truly understanding people. . Just like I know you have a powerful message. You would not be reading this if you did not. I can read your mission, smell trouble up ahead of you, and keep you out of it.

Not working with you will not change my life one bit, my mission will continue regardless of yours – but if you feel that working with me might change your life – or that part of it that needs to be heard, that needs to make a difference – then I’m your guy. I’m inviting you to contemplate if you think we might be a fit, whether my Mission can serve YOUR Mission.

You’ll decide that in your own time, but best wishes to you in all you do from here on out, regardless.


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Is This A Fit For You?

Christine Kloser Get Your Book Read

The program that I’m about to introduce to you had originally been designed for business owners, but I have COMPLETELY reworked it to help you… The Transformational Author.

After meeting Christine, and attending her event last year. I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered all in one room. I was humbled by their stories, their vulnerability. More, I was inspired and it stopped me in my tracks. I knew that I had to evolve the previous marketing course I had put together, but even more than that.

This was critical work.

If you as an author are not successful at getting your book marketed, so much is at stake. Your words will alter the course of life for so many.

So, it’s become my mission – along with our whole team to make sure you understand the material of the course and learn what you need to know, because together – we can change the world – for the BETTER.

Could you agree that It’s time for you to Get Your Book Read? And that’s the name of this course too!

So, who is this Program the right fit for?


This Is A Perfect Fit For You If…

  • You have a book done, and want it to be a success because this system has never failed
  • You are planning to write a book, and want to get a competitive advantage for it out of the gate, which means you will save time and money avoiding costly mistakes
  • You want influence in the World, for your message and mission because the most powerful way to reach the people is now through the internet.
  • You have tried marketing before and what worked for others – well it didn’t work for you which means you might think you just can’t do it
  • You feel overwhelm at the thought of selling and marketing and wish there was an easier way to do it that was not so hard
  • You would be happy to make a decent income from your work, and see some rewards from all your effort
  • You want to make a business or new direction for your life using your book and could apply this training to courses, coaching, consulting, speaking, and business

I have seen enough, I’m In. Where Can I Get Involved

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

After launching the Get Your Book Read Course in February of 2017 – keeping in mind that these are concepts I’ve been teaching for over 12 years, it’s been fun to read the comments of what authors are saying. They are excited about learning HOW to market – with authenticity.

This Is What People Are Saying INSIDE The Course


So this feels like understanding this from this outside observer standpoint, methodically, systematically, through this proven process, will finally allow me to not have to “fit in the box” and be authentically me, while learning how to really find the clarity to understand MY audience and then the writing and marketing will naturally flow. SOOO excited...heart fluttering as it feels more real now and possible than ever before. Wow!

Susan Dascenzi

The chart really helps to simplify the process from planning to sale and foreshadows the non-salesy approach. It’s just anticipating what their need is, creating the expectation that what I offer can meet their need, and then delivering on what I promised that they needed!

Beth Ellen Nash

Looks amazing – all those things I’ve dabbled in without understanding how they work. Really excited to be learning this stuff finally, within a systematic framework. Can’t wait.

Glenda Spackman

I'm with you too Glenda and Amy. Have heard of all the “engine parts” before and just felt too overwhelmed, which stopped me dead in my tracks really. And now, even though I’m not a techy type person, I DO feel like I have a real blueprint and framework for going forward, and in a way that WON’T be overwhelming and “too much” to handle. Ahhh...the realization that it CAN be “easier” than I previously believed. Thank you Mark!!!

Susan Dascenzi

I’m wondering how long Mark has been inside my head recording all of my insecurities! Too funny. This is going to be great!

Amy Proebstel

This is fascinating work! I’m finding that I may be targeting people with needs I would have never thought of before having this material.

Christine Rosas

The inner war is a real war! really spoke to me, since I have been keenly aware of most of my sabotage mechanisms in the last few years. So really happy you are addressing this off the bat!

Aline Munsch

I’m REALLY loving this whole set of lessons in this module, because while it seemed overwhelming when I don’t have real clarity, showing us how these templates are truly tied together and can create the unique selling proposition is now helping me to see how I can find that clarity and hone it down.... Wow... for the first time, I FINALLY feel like I will have real clarity. THANK YOU Mark!!!

Susan Dascenzi

I like the way the different elements form a framework for planning and maintenance.

Linda Robinson

Great content to start off in an introductory module. I’m eager to learn more and feel like you’re going to be able to teach it to me! I already get the vibe that this is going to be much higher quality than many of the other trainings I’ve paid for in the past. Love the slides.

Beth Ellen Nash

There is a lot of detail for each of these need states but it does help to clarify what they are.

Lilia Shoshanna Rae

This is really helpful as it has made me face fears. I need to consciously start developing strategic relationships. Thanks Mark... so much to learn and do...

Glenda Spackman

Authors Who Worked With Mark Previously, Said...


Paul Avins – Author of “Trusted Selling”


“.... this man really knows what it takes to work online”

Paul Avins

Diana Kottle – Author of “The Kottle Code”


“ has been a truly transformational time...I feel extremely supported in this process”

Diana Kottle

Janet Jones – Author of “The Happiness Millionaire”


“....I knew what my idea was and how it could help people....

...I trust Mark to choose the right thing for our business”

Janet Jones

Robert G Allen – Author of “Multiple Streams Of Income”


“...I don’t know the internet as well as he knows it, I just don’t ...."

Robert G Allen


I have seen enough, I’m In. Where Can I Get Involved

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What’s Inside Get Your Book Read?

Click play to take the two minute tour

I’m hopeful because I think some of my biggest problems are going to be solved by this course: not knowing how to create a good marketing plan or how to write a strategic marketing plan (or what the difference between those two is), and not knowing how to execute online well.

Beth Ellen Nash

What Is The Purpose Of This Course?


The purpose of this Course is to deliver to authors, meaningful skills and abilities in all the necessary areas of marketing deemed important for the digital marketing of a book, training, or message – with the express goals of:

  1. Establishing influence, presence and reach
  2. Finding, then keeping – buyers, subscribers and followers
  3. Getting the Book Read by the people who are meant to read it.

It is aimed at teaching Marketing with Integrity to people who want alignment of their public mission to their inner message and soul’s purpose – to strip away the overwhelm and fear that authors often feel about marketing and to make it fun.


Make Sure This Fits Your Needs

  • This is not a ‘shelf-help’ or ‘never-gets-used’ program. It is an instructor led blueprint to impact more lives with your message.
  • It has 10 Modules which cover different Areas of Focus, each of which has it’s own range of Lessons, Workbooks, and Quizzes to deliver the knowledge – Transcripts, slides, audio, video, editable pdf’s and Certification once finished.
  • The program taps into your creative mind through a variety of approaches, templates and exercises, which when followed through to the end – come together to create results in ways you’ve not seen done before, or imagined was possible.
  • This program is all about tapping into your highest potential, accessing your innovative mind, and raising your performance above your limitations.

Take A Look Inside The Program

Warning: The information below here might seem to be overwhelming to some, and detailed to others. The details is there to reassure that all the angles are covered, all the details accounted for. The Modules and Lessons are designed to make the process easy to follow. And Yes, you do need it all to get the success you want.


Module 1: Mindset

Introduction To Permission Based Marketing

Think of it as reverse-selling – where the detailed use of strategic thinking, deep understanding of your prospect, and a step by step action plan, combine
. As authors and business people, we have to accept that we live in a competitive world, where we have to compete for attention, significance, credibility and ultimately – sales. But so many people get the notion of competition totally wrong. You can’t be heart based if your marketing is based on a foundation of pretending, fake news, fake credentials, and you will not build anything worthy of a legacy if you do that. That’s because a duped buyer is a buyer with remorse, who will never come back – because buyers are people and people in the long run, are not stupid. The core concept of permission based marketing is to allow the buyer to buy in their own time, and as if it was their own decision. This Course shows you how to create a message that is embraced, understood and acted upon – without underhand tactics. This module introduces how to do that – but gets your head in the right space for success first.

Module One Lesson Agenda

  1. Permission Based Influence: Outline
  2. Learning From History
  3. Defeating Overwhelm
  4. The Ultimate Book Marketing System

Comes with:

4 Introductory Lessons, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

“This is going to be a wonderful, profitable, adventure.”

Amy Proebstel


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Module 2: Strategy

Creating Profitable Opportunities Out Of Thin Air, On Demand, and Whenever You Want.

Very, very few people ever think strategically – which means they are firing in the dark, or living on blind hope. Thinking strategically about your book marketing now will save you time, money, blood, sweat and tears. Ignoring strategy is like buying a lottery ticket for your book. It might win – but it’s a long shot, and improbable. 

This Strategy Module in GYBR Is the easy guide to creating opportunities out of thin air, even if you have no experience and think yourself not very creative, because the process is that refined. At the end of this Module, you’ll have shaped the next 3 years of your success – with a clear path through your delivering the opportunities and relationships necessary to get you results. You won’t just have a Plan, you’ll have THE Plan.

Module Two Lesson Agenda

  1. Why Marketing Strategy Is All Powerful
  2. Dissolving The Threats That Could Ruin Your Entire Strategy
  3. Dealing Successfully With Your Biggest Problems
  4. Identifying Your Relative (Amazing) Strengths
  5. Generating Opportunities Out Of Thin Air
  6. Strategic Relationships For Profit
  7. Bonus Template 1: What You Can Sell, And Where You Can Sell It
  8. Bonus Template 2: How To Tell If Your Idea Is A “Dud” Or A Dream Come True
  9. Bonus Template 3: How To Make Great Decisions

Comes with:

9 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

This lesson also puts the responsibility for solving problems and fears on our own shoulders – we have to find a way forwards. Yes, you can get help, but its up to you to face your fears and develop your own solution. I went through this a couple of times to make sure I’d got it & applied it. I love this.

Glenda Spackman


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Module 3: Campaigns

Influencing With Integrity

This module will require some deep work on your part – but I’d rather tell you the truth than sugar-coat what is essentially, spade work. You can’t plant a garden in unbroken or false ground – and to truly get marketing results that work, is no different. Through this Module, you will understand how to create motivation in the mind of your prospective reader, and shape their expectations with your carefully crafted words and images – a bit like planting the seeds of a need for your book or product in the minds of your potential readers. You will know why they behave like they do, what their triggers are for spending money, anticipating their needs and matching your ‘offer’ to them. This module will make every single Campaign you ever create – thereafter, compelling and authentic.

Module Three Lesson Agenda

  1. Influencing With Integrity
  2. Understanding The Situational Behaviourberg
  3. Influencing With Integrity And Ethically Shaping Spending Behaviour
  4. The 60 Change Events Of Life – Part 1
  5. The 60 Change Events Of Life – Part 2
  6. Stimulating Authomatic Thoughts In Your Ideal Reader
  7. The Involuntary Triggers Of Spending
  8. Discovering Subconscious Needstates – Part 1
  9. Discovering Subconscious Needstates – Part 1
  10. Mapping Out Your Marketing Campaign
  11. Facebook Coding Exercise

Comes with:

12 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

Super interesting not only the different behaviours and how to market to them but the final diagram was super cool. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Jennifer Aubert

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Module 4: Psychology

Reading Their Mind From The Other Side Of The World

There are 2 sides to every non-impulsive buying decision. This is important to know, because the best buyer is an informed and educated buyer. Okay. One side is creating motivation – the “seed planting” bit and the other part is “nurturing that seed” to bloom at their time of choosing – maintaining that motivation in the face of billions of distractions – to an eventual sale. Which takes repetition from your brand, time, and relevance. You have to know why people buy books, so you can position yours in the best way and then ethically convince your prospective buyer to take the action you desire. This process has been mapped out, tested, and has a blueprint. I’ll show you in this Module about Psychology, how to create that blueprint, how to master it, and how to effectively hold the hand of your prospects all the way to the checkout and beyond.

Module Four Lesson Agenda

  1. Understanding Why People Buy Books
  2. Delivering Your Message for Every Learning Style
  3. Understanding Buyer Personality Types
  4. Overcoming Objections and Barriers to Buying
  5. Creating Motivation All the Way to the Sale

Comes with

12 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

This is really helpful for me as I lack the skills to handle objections…and I get uncomfortable with rejection. Thank you!

Christine Rosas


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I have seen enough, I’m In. Where Can I Get Involved

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Module 5: Leverage

Reaching People That Nobody Else Can Reach

The next part of the System is all about Leverage. In this module I show exactly how to make compelling Demand Creators where people are happy to opt in and join your mailing list just to get them. There are also powerful structures to the way you craft your articles and script your videos, even your webinars, speeches and presentations. I’ll show you everything from a 15- second YouTube Ad all the way through to a sixty minutes (or longer) Workshop or Webinar. With these templates and script structures, it will be easy to
spread your message far and wide.

Module Five Lesson Agenda

  1.  Understanding the False Flags of “Content Marketing”
  2.  Writing Awesome Articles that Reach Your Readers
  3.  Scripting Compelling Videos that Get Sales
  4.  Creating Demand for Your Book 
  5.  Leveraging Your Influence Around the World 
  6.  Creating a Power Brand for More Profit

Comes with

10 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

And now I know that although there IS a method to your proven techniques, I have to think for myself as well as to what the “logical” order might be. This is AWESOME…

Susan Dascenzi

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Module 6: Traffic

Having As Many Visitors As You Want, As Often As You Want , On Tap

To get visitor traffic to your website, you’ll either buy traffic as paid-for advertisements, or you’ll build it slowly with organic reach – simply being found more and more frequently without paying for ads. I’ll also be showing you how professionals do their Keyword Research step by step so you can do it for yourself with the same accuracy without spending thousands of dollars. It’s this step where you may choose to dive into social media – generating organic Linked-in leads, or Facebook followers, Google, YouTube, etc.
 There’s also a whole training lesson in there about Facebook traffic and the different types of posts and when to use them.

Module Six Lesson Agenda

  1.  Making the Most of Search Engine Optimization
  2.  Analyzing Keywords Quickly and Easily 
  3. Identifying Your Ideal Keywords… Like a Pro
  4. Spreading your Message and Finding New Buyers
  5.  Simple Strategies to Get Traffic from Social Media 
  6.  How to Do Facebook Posts that Get Results
  7.  Making Sense of Google Adwords

Comes with

7 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

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Module 7: Conversion

Taking One Small Step When Every Step Matters

This Module is where you get to focus on the reader/user experience and create a high converting web structure for your book or product. This is the very essence of permission based marketing – asking to move only one step at a time – not buy the product on each time of asking. There’s a whole section about making your site Google proof for Search Engine Optimization, how design works best for mobile conversions, harnessing YouTube, and a section which will show you how to have THE best in class membership site to help even more people (without having to spend more of your time or energy to do so) – using gamification and training to engage your community for deeper learning, and transformation.

Module Seven Lesson Agenda

  1.  Training Your Website Designer to Save You Money
  2.  Creating Website Wireframes for High Conversion
  3.  Critical Decisions for a User-Friendly Website
  4.  Designing a Highly Engaging Membership Site  
  5.  Making Your Website Mobile Friendly 
  6.  Gaining High SEO Rankings for Your Site 
  7.  Harnessing the Power of YouTube and Video SEO
  8.  Avoiding Unknown and Troublesome Website Blunders

Comes with:

8 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

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I have seen enough, I’m In. Where Can I Get Involved

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Module 8: Remarketing

Managing The Second Impressions Of Returning Visitors

This Module is all about nurturing the relationship with returning visitors – and more importantly, how to get them to return time and time again. Email remarketing, Search Engine remarketing, and Facebook remarketing can all work seamlessly together when you know what to do – which you will by the end of this Module. There are also fill-in-the blanks case study Launch templates for you to use immediately.

Module Eight Lesson Agenda

  1.  Making Email Marketing Work for You
  2.  Using the Best Words to Transform Your Reader’s Decisions 
  3.  How to Show Up Everywhere Your Prospect Goes on the Internet  
  4.  Making a Difference Using Facebook Remarketing
  5. Understanding How to Use Cookies Strategically
  6. Keeping Things Fresh for Returning Website Visitors
  7. Harnessing the Influence of Affiliates and JV’s

Comes with:

7 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

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Module 9: Performance

Walking Your Prospects To The Checkout

Everything until now has been in preparation for action. In this Module, it all comes together to design the perfect user experience. The lessons in this module cover the performance aspects of what the prospective buyers actually do all the way to the sale and beyond- not what you predicted they would do. Every single funnel step and insight in this Module have been tested, evidenced, and works, so you can trust in your own versions as you create them for your book and business.

Module Nine Lesson Agenda

  1. Three Ways to Create Your Book Launch Funnel 
  2. Utilizing High Converting Funnel Templates
  3. How to Share Your Message With Evergreen Webinars 
  4.  How to Ethically Implement One Time Offers
  5.  Following up With Email and Why It’s a Critical Step
  6.  Creating Your Product Staircase 
  7. Getting More Buyers by Downselling on the Way Out
  8. How to 10x Your Profits With Cross Selling

Comes with:

7 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

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Module 10: Results

How To Read Your Analytics And What To Do About Your Sales Results

The final Module contains the most powerful data and information you can possibly obtain, because the essence of digital marketing means that everything can be tracked, measured and evaluated. There are some essential things to do here in the final step – to ensure that the next round builds on the success of the previous one. The great news is that analytics is not all about math and numbers – it is genuinely a surprise every time to see what actually happened, even when you predicted it so.

Module Ten Lesson Agenda

  1. Setting Up Your Online Store so It’s Easy to Buy from You 
  2. Setting up for successful eCommerce 
  3. Selling through the Phone: Ethical Conversations
  4. Testing So You Know What to Do Again, and Again
  5. Harnessing Analytics Insights to Reach More People and Make More Profit
  6. Interpreting Google Analytics Without Being Confused
  7. Scaling Your Business by Hiring Teams and Experts 
  8. Consulting Success and Impacting Lives in a Bigger Way

Comes with:

8 Lessons, Workbook, Quiz, Transcript, Audio, Achievement points, Badges and Certification

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I have seen enough, I’m In. Where Can I Get Involved

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So How Much Is It Worth?

This… has made me really have to think about myself as being marketable,
rather than just the books which I’ve written (it’s a package deal).

Amy Proebstel



It’s Only Worth What Value You See In It

How many years have you lost just waiting and wanting because you just didn’t know how to do it? And do you want to change that?

How much money have you wasted buying into promises that just didn’t work? And are you ready for a system that does work?

How much confidence in yourself have you lost because of the fear of failure, uncertainty, overwhelm or knock-backs? And are you willing to be guided, step by step in a two-way relationship where you get to ask for help when you get stuck?

How much more happiness will you have, when you experience your true purpose in life – what you were born to achieve? And are you ready to embrace that destiny?

The truth is, that unless you have a Purpose, a Vision, or want to discover what yours is – unless you want to clarify your message, your offering, and get your message out to where it is meant to go, then this Course would be worthless to you, even if it was free.


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How Much Value Do You Place On Achieving Your Life’s Purpose?


Do you see yourself making a better-than-average income from your book?

Do you see yourself making a good living from your book?

Is your book a springboard to greater things, a higher purpose?

If you Achieved Your Purpose – what would be your strongest benefit, I wonder?

  1. Significance – achieving something momentous in the World ?
  2. Connection – reaching the people who really need to hear your message?
  3. Belonging – finding your place in your own community where you are understood, respected and even loved?


None Of This Is Possible When You Are Invisible

Get Your Book Read Gets Your Book Read

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