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What My Time to Write™ Members Are Saying...

"A Sacred Crucible For The Emergence of My Message"

The My Time to Write™ retreat with Christine Kloser provided a sacred crucible for the emergence of my message. I came to the retreat with a specific set of intentions and left with a deep knowing that following the guidance from my heart is the only way to get out of my own way. The support I received allowed me to trust the process and unlock who I really am. And it’s been fascinating to see the words that now pour onto my page.

Aline Munsch, MBA
Transformational Coach



"Christine Will Help You Experience the Transformation You Need To Give Birth To a Life Changing Message"

Working with Christine is an absolute blessing. I am so grateful for her authentic way of being. She really cares about her clients. Unlike some who say they care, but really only care about themselves or the transaction. With Christine it is pure, and it is felt deep down. It is clear her mission is more than just to help you get the book done. She will help you experience the transformation you want and need to give birth to a life changing message, and movement. I’m forever grateful to be part of her My Time to Write™ program!

Sean David
Creator, Vision Living Coach and Trainer



"There’s No One Else I’d Rather Be With On This Journey of Writing My Book"

From the moment you enter into the arms of Christine and her team as a member of My Time to Write™, you're embraced fully into this community – one that is made of up amazing people who are fully invested in your success. They take the time for you, they listen, and offer guidance. There's no one else I'd rather be with on this journey of writing my book! Christine always knows the right thing to say and when to say it. She lets her intuition guide the process that's unfolding for you and holds the space needed for the creative process to flow. If this is your time to write, there's no place better than here in the My Time to Write™ community. I hope you’ll join us!

Christine Meyer
President, Christine Meyer Coaching



"I Transformed in Profound Ways On All Levels"

Miracles began the moment I started working with Christine Kloser. The first miracle was a shift in my thinking from the old belief that “I can’t write”, to “I am a writer”. Christine’s intuitive ability to ask the right questions, to hold space until the client gains personal clarity, and then support the individual’s intention are keys she used to impact my life, and the lives of our entire My Time to Write™ community. Working with Christine has been about so much more than writing my book. I transformed in profound ways on all levels – mind, body, and Spirit. I carry a confidence that I previously lacked. Now, I’m a published author and writing my next book! Christine is truly a Catalyst for Transformation and I love and respect her integrity and service!

Linda Roebuck, MA, Counseling Psychology
Contributing Author, Pebbles in the Pond – Wave 5
Founder, A Community of Transformation



"It Brought Me Joy in Now Knowing With Certainty The Message of My Book"

If you’ve ever had the desire and dream to write that book that is living inside of you, I encourage you to join the My Time to Write™ program. The structure Christine has put together for aspiring authors provides an abundance of support online, virtually and face-to-face at our writing retreats. The magic you’ll find when given this time and a sacred space in which to write, surrounded by other writers on the same path, is invaluable. I have attended other writing retreats before and have never felt so seen and supported as I did here with Christine and her team. The time and feedback given to me personally, by them, helped me to gain incredible clarity in the direction my book needed to go. After realizing that a change in book title was needed, I was delighted in the synchronicity of discovering that the new title had been there all along! This unexpected change surprisingly brought me incredible relief and then joy in now knowing with certainty the message of my book. I highly recommend Christine Kloser and her My Time to Write™ program.

Connie Worth
Forthcoming Author, Your Strong Wise Self



"I Gained Clarity and Courage to Take the Next Steps of Bringing the Dream of Writing My Book Into Reality"

My Time to Write™ is EXACTLY the program I needed to gain the clarity and courage to take the next steps of bringing the dream of writing my book into reality. What a gift to have expert guidance and a supportive and loving community of like-minded people all gathered in one powerful and creative community. I can't wait to share all my progress at our next retreat!

Lisa Dolce
Small Business Coach and Mentor for Sensitive and Soulful Entrepreneurs



"Christine’s System for Writing a Book Is Methodical, Easy and Provides Opportunity to Tap Into Places Within That I Didn’t Know Existed"

Christine Kloser's My Time to Write™ retreat was life changing. Before arriving, I had so many thoughts and emotions bottled up inside me since the death of my daughter. I didn't have an opening for them to come onto paper until I was "given permission to write". Christine's system for writing a book is methodical, easy and provides opportunity to tap into places within that I didn't know existed. I felt supported in the most compassionate way. I feel like I have turned a corner in my grieving process and am deeply grateful for this experience.

Tracy M. Houchins
Sacred Healing Hands



"I Know My Dream of Being an Author Will Come True"

If you’re looking for a writing program that is authentic, genuine and filled with heart and structure – My Time to Write™ could be the program for you! I tried two other writing programs first. They both provided excellent self-awareness but did not provide me with the tools to support the dream of writing my book about preventing burnout, and resiliency. Now, as a member of the My Time to Write™ program (and community) I know my dream of being an author will come true!

Beth Kennedy
Benatti Training & Development



"Christine’s Grace, Guidance and Intuition Help Me Stay In The Flow of Writing"

I have been working with Christine for about two years, and have attended several of her events. I’ve already written two books and I’m working on my third one now as a member of her My Time to Write™ program. I find Christine’s grace, guidance and intuition help me stay in the flow of writing. Plus, her fantastic team offers loving and highly valuable support too. I recommend her to my friends and others that want to be published authors.

Jorge Cassir, M.D.
Author, Baby Comes Home



"My Time to Write™ Kicked My Writing Into High Gear!"

I knew that I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know how to get started. I’d worked for years in communications offices, where I wrote, edited, and proofread letters and other business materials all day long. But when it came to putting a whole book together of original material, I was flummoxed. Then I found Christine’s Get Your Book Done program, and I knew I would be able to do it! I worked with that program for a year, and although it was (and is) invaluable, I needed more. Struggling to balance the priority of writing my book while seeing clients, building my business, and living my life, I became stuck. I knew what to do, but I didn’t have the structure to help me get it done. Then, in a stroke of divine timing, the My Time to Write™ program came along. The combination of virtual and in-person writing retreats, coaching, and – most important for me -- the accountability and steady support of weekly emails has kicked my writing into high gear. Christine and every member of her team are knowledgeable, compassionate, and invested in my success. I’m well on track to have a manuscript that I’m proud of finished very soon, and to have my book published, out in the world, and helping other people with my story of loss and growth. This program works!

Ellen Landsburg Monsees
Transformational Life Coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®


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